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Salad Bowl

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Amir’s has been a part of the Morningside Heights community since 1971, serving their family recipes of Middle Eastern and Vegetarian dishes. This new concept is taking their delicious food to new heights, as we add menu items and beer and wine to what we offer. We are focused on all-natural, local products, and being as eco-friendly as possible.

Some of our new developments include:

  • *Extended evening hours
  • *Freshly ground French Pressed Coffee from our special house blend
  • *Hot, spiced beignets
  • *Harissa inspired chicken wings
  • *Beer and Wine on Draft from local breweries and wineries

- FAQ -

Can we still get our favorite falafel?

YES. Amir's has been serving Morningside Heights the same family recipe of famous falafel since 1971 and that will never change. We just wanted to add some more delicious options for the hungry masses. You will also notice some of your favorite menu options have stayed the same, such as the Toasted Chicken Wrap.

What’s with this soda?

Boylan’s sodas are made with all natural cane sugar, so their flavors taste a little different, and we think better! If you have noticed their diet doesn’t taste like diet, you are right. They have created a special blend of sweeteners so you don’t have that gross aftertaste. Here is their website, which includes nutrition facts and a lot more information.

What is a beignet?

Think donut, French style. What could be a better snack than a couple pieces of fried dough, tossed in sugar and cardamom spice? Yum, yum, yum.

Are you open longer, or is it just me?

We have extended our hours and are now open until midnight. We are offering Beer and Wine, Sangria, and Growlers to take home.

Did I see beer and wine?

Yes, yes you did. We are selling NY state beers and wines, sangria and hard cider. Just the thing to round off a long day, or begin a fun night. Did we mention they are all only $4 for 16 oz. beer and 5 oz. glass of wine? All the time. We also have carafes of wine or sangria, as well as Growlers of beer to take home.

What is wine in a keg?

If you understand the expression “farm to table” think of this as “vine to table.” Our wines are kegged on site in local NY wineries. They are stored in reusable kegs, just like beer, and have a smaller carbon footprint. It also enables us to purchase at a lower cost, which is savings we pass on to you.

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